Why is Your Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

Why is Your Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

Do you know that the heating system or air conditioning unit has lost some water? There are many possible causes for this problem and, regardless of the cause you'll want to speak with an expert technician at AC Repair Techs Cook Springs to assist you in resolving the problem.

While you're waiting, we've got several common causes for the AC in your house may be not working:

1. The condensate drain is now blocked.

The drain is designed to drain the water out of within the AC. If dirt algae, rust or other debris build up, it may block or create a blockage within the drain. This could lead to the AC to leak.

2. The temperature is sufficiently cold to allow operation of your air cooling system.

If you decide to utilize this unit to cool your home during cold weather, the outside, cooling coils can become frozen and cause the system will leak. To avoid this problem ensure that you do not utilize your air conditioner in temperatures that are lower than 60 degrees.

3. The drain line has been cut off.

Even when your AC is properly fitted, it's unusual to find the drain line loosen as time passes. If it isn't tight enough, it can completely shut off your AC and could lead to leakage.

4. The condensate pump is damaged.

In the event that the condensate tank in your house is damaged, it won't be able remove the water in the condenser tank . The pan will become full and start overflowing (or it will begin to leak).

5. The refrigerant level is low.

The absence of refrigerant may cause the A/C coils to freeze and leakage could occur when the drain pan is filled up.

6. Air filter filthy.

When the air filter becomes filthy, the airflow will be limited, meaning that the evaporator coils will not receive the airflow they need. The coils get cold and then become frozen. As the ice melts off of the coils, water begins to fall down, causing that the drain pan overflow and then leak. If you're looking for an Professional AC Maintenance Service for AC Filter Replacement Cook Springs, AC Repair Techs experts are ready to assist you. They're dedicated to providing the best quality of customer service , and will make sure you get your Comfortable Air Filter Replacement Solution you require, with the most competitive price.

It's typical for an efficient A/C unit to generate some condensation over the period of. The longer your AC is operating and in use and running, the more condensation will be visible.

However, if you notice that the water is continuously leaking out of the unit it's possible to overlook this. If you notice that the unit is operating for more than a couple of hours, you must seek out a skilled technician on the scene immediately.